NaNo Progress

13/365 ~ A Little NaNo Rally

Well, it’s going rather slowly. I’m currently at 18,304 words. Just lots to do with school and stuff. But I have some ideas spewed out for some short stories. I did some free writing under a different heading that will be useful for one of the other stories later. Slapping in the free wheeling journaly stuff from this past weekend into my word count will help. I’ll use it for something. A CNF/Solo piece perhaps. Or fodder for a short story. We’ll see….

After I do that, I should go back to my other stories. I think it’s been good to go balls out when I do. But, damn, there’s something about just taking your time and crafting a story, you know. One of the emailed NaNo pep talks calmed nerves and was like If you fall behind, then maybe reset your goals to 25K and be proud of that work (or something like that). Whatever I get in, I’ll be proud of. If I don’t make it, I’m still glad I could reconnect with everything and everyone.

I know I have some beautiful moments and ideas amongst the overwritten gobbledygook.



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